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Alright, guys today, we're gonna be looking at the latest and greatest automotive tools, gear and equipment from both SEMA and apex and 2018. Now this is probably the biggest show of the year when it comes to truck and automotive gear and equipment, but they don't open the doors to the public. I think that's just weird, so I went through it and I filmed all of the coolest stuff and I'm gon na bring it to you. But I didn't do this on my own, because if it wasn't from help from gearwrench, none of today's content would be possible. So make sure you go check out and help out and support the people that helped bring you this content and that's our friends from gearwrench comm. So what are we waiting for? 

Let'S just go check out some of the best tools gear, the equipment that I could find go jack 6313 Louvre index tool Dean. Can you pop that front one off for me sure flip the lever down alright go ahead, let's see the go Jack. So what is that? What'S the reading its 3,600 pounds, yeah and it'll - go from three and five-eighths to twenty inches, and all you need is like 110 psi, so we're actually running this off a little tiny compressor underneath that table. So it doesn't take the compressor on Sunday. That'S all. We got right there that will so very easy, [, Music ]. Alright, guys we are looking at something pretty unique. This is called over holler, but I don't want to talk. Tell you about it. I want to show you about it: it's per product right, so is this actually your product and it's my dad's products, what I'm managing and looking after okay, okay, so tell me a little bit about this, so this is the overhaul. As far as we know, it's one of the few hydraulic powered truck racks so like a standard, one looks like standard one until you press the button. So now we have a cut around here, but how much can that lift this tire is 205? I believe they said, but you can lift up to four 400 pounds in and out of the truck okay. Now, can you lunch that down with your mole? Yes, so this could be a engine. This could be enough any number of things. So what powers the system? The system's hydraulic powered, but the winch is electronic and it's all right. So, while that your truck is Ronnie, this is going to be recharging itself, so it has a trickle yeah. It'S run yeah it's connected to the battery under the foot. How long has it been on the market about two years now, our second? What'S the problems you have with it the problems and making it over our problem, I mean: is there any anything that guys are looking at? They should know about ahead of time. You probably get you'll never want to take anyone else with you to help. 

Carry anything ever again need any help. We'Ve got two hydraulic cylinders so have equal lift on both side. I want you guys to notice that one cylinder there another cylinder on the other side. So that way the frame doesn't twist or bend plus, it's got pivot points, this comes down and it is there any grease search. The guys have to know about to maintain this. There is on the cylinders, I believe, on both ends of the cylinders. I see that oil white bushings at these pivot sites, so those don't have to be greased they're, sought illuminating through bra. This is the entire system. Now do you have now that's open to the elements is that for justice players they recovered. That'S that for the display. There'S the cover right there they're made out of vinyl or leather, and that sits on top, so you don't have to worry about snow and ice and everything getting in there. Some guys are interested in this. Where do they find out more? You can go to overhaul or CA or send us an email sales at overhaul ATS overhaul or dot CA. [ Applause ] bye, guys we're looking at core, which is actually coconut husk, and this is oil right. This is transmission, fluid HTF transmission, 100 %, coconut core. The outside shell, the coconut husk yeah, absorbs nine times its weight in any type of oil transmission. Fluid antifreeze, unlike your conventional kitty, litter that wraps the outside the core is like a sponge. It draws the product inside. So once you get a spill, you cover it. You can grab a broom and you can sweep it out of the way. The other thing you do is reuse the product multiple times it's uh, complete saturation, so you'll see it starts to discolor. Once that happens, you can throw it in the general trash its landfill approved because it'll hold that product in rather than release it for over 20 years, and the microbes in the landfill will break it down before that. The other demonstration a 100 % organic. The other demonstration we do here at the shell is will show how to absorb inside rather than wrapping the outside, we'll take some water and put some transmission fluid in here and as quickly as dropping a handful. It absorbs the oil and it'll repel water, because oil and water don't men, so the oils behind and the waters what's coming up. 

Okay, six pounds of our product will absorb as much as 150 pounds of your kitty litter play based products, six pounds of car. This is the product guys. I know this stuff because I've used it in my aquarium, so it's actually in the reptile trade. It'S been there for years, and I just never realized that you can use it to absorb oil so effectively. That'S kind of well, in fact, it'll even do paint. This is oil-based paint. After six hours you have leftover in the garage, you can stir it up and then dispose of it. You gentle, so I bought this stuff at pet stores in the past this bag right here, let me show you guys something this bag right here. You guys something how much these run for retail for $ 10 at the pet store. That would have been about a hundred some dollars, not joking, because I bought it. So where can they find yet um? You can find us we're actually out of in Utah. You can go online to core products: calm old products, calm, [, Music, ], okay, so we're looking at what are we looking at here? Josh? What you're looking at right here is our at the wall. Fourteen hundred and twenty eight hundred peak power station jumpstarter air compressor power, inverter combi air compressor power converter, then things are flying in one. 

You'Ve got a fourteen hundred and twenty eight hundred P camp jump, starter, detachable cables, metal powder, cutter, clamps conferences, all the way around. We'Ve got a nice little storage compartment right here for the clamps next thing you have built in is a thousand watt inverter. This cosmic murders will allow you to run small power tools. A 55 inch LED TV three to five hours on one single charge. It'S great for a backup power source. Also, a little feature we have here is a air compressor. Built-In you set the P aside or whatever you think you like, 3637 overrun 2:38 will turn on, and I have to do is come back and unplug it. We'Ve got power, switch for safety, reverse polarity, so he hook it up backwards. Don'T tell you that you're doing something wrong and alarm to scream at you. Alright guys were at the gearwrench booth and we're actually going to be looking at their pinless impact tools. Normally, your universal impact socket has a pin in it and what happens a lot of times the Pennell get stuck or it'll break. So this is our pendous design. You don't have to worry about the pin, getting stuck or breaking full 360 degrees and rotation. Very fluid. Durable there's a four ball in lug design held in by a snap ring. What is the warranty on this lifetime? Warranty all right so a lifetime? You ever break this ever a lot of people get their a new tool. They can either just ship it back to gearwrench or if they got it from a mobile distributor, give it to him he'll give another one mail it in alright guys so we're looking at the DeWalt battery charger. But it's got a couple. Unique features that I want to show you guys, so it's got patented engine start which isn't available on any other high frequency charger on the market. Right now, you've got 70 amps to charge all your 12-volt batteries. 210 amp engine start USB. If you've got to charge any of your other electronics also pass through you're, using all the plugs on the wall going on here. This is probably one of the best Chargers than 25 okay, so this will show me the handle too. So this well as you're charging. Your car guys, you can actually plug something else in and charge and plug through, and you can charge your phone at the same time and let me show it show me that handle we got the handle to fit some of the work back. There tuck it nice in, are you guys so we're back off to more coverage at SEMA? Let'S keep into it all right, so we're at the performance tool, booth and these guys pulled out a handheld sandblast ya, portable handheld trim for those small jobs. So you got your air chuck goes in what does it run off from how many psi - probably 80 - 90 psi? Okay, I mean you got a little small rough spot, her gon na clean it up, and then you just load your sand right here yeah. So it's all what it's a wedding you're done, wouldn't want to do them load. You sand up hook up your hose. Yep pull your trigger and your rough spot is gone okay. 

So this is a new air pressure gauge digital and it actually will not leak here. As you've used it correct so most tire gauges out, there were flying up on our wall back here. Where I'm pointing you can see, we got tensile gauges, dial gauges and digital gauges. So we'll turn on this digital gauge and right now we're at psi. Okay. So now, as most people check their pressure, you're gon na hear a little air come out and by the time they finally get it on there they're at sixteen point, five all right. Well, let me go up to another tire: okay, I'm gon na go on there and I'm gon na check. Oh wait a minute! I let air pressure out while I'm checking the pressure now it's at 14. Well, we invented this tire gauge and you're not going to lose any air pressure until you get it to measure. Fourteen point: five: okay, I'll go again. Fourteen point, five I'll go again, another tire. Fourteen point: five! Okay, let me check wait. Is that really true? Oh sorry, I use the other game no and I'm at thirteen point five saying it: I'm trying to maintain my correct tire pressure and check it accurately: okay, let's just stay with thirteen call it a day and just use this game. The elite digital gauge from slime go to slime, calm, you'll, see all about it. It'S available to stores in January thanks, alright seem a 20-18 gearwrench is bringing you the coverage today, but I want to show you a couple of their cool tools and this is their torque. Wrenches they've got both the mechanical torque wrench and an electric charge right right right so show us walk us through the different standard, quick, tight, torque wrench on this one. Basically, you got your your locking mechanism so once you're in there it's just torque, set to where you want to be easy accesses on this one as well. It has the quick tight head. So once you get to your torque range, it'll actually stop right there. For you so standard torque, wrench and then our newest electronic torque, wrenches, okay, so the nice thing about the electronic torque wrenches is they're not only going to give you the same type of torque limits and specifications, but you're also going to be able to hear it. It'S got audio so once it gets to the correct amount, it's gon na beep at you once you get to the total click, the total torque range it'll. Actually stop and it'll give you the full notification, it'll also vibrate in your hands. So you know that you get the torque spec that you would like and then the last thing is it has lights on it, so that you can tell was either gon na be yellow or red when you've hit the torque limit that you want to have. So why doesn't this one special neuro bottom of on the knurled bottom on the end of it, the other ones inside? Has this non-slip bottom rhinos. Bees have that's the newest 120s. It'S just a different variation of the same torque wrench. Ok, 120s inside have a little tighter click range similar to the ranch's we get 120 splines inside and this red 60 ray. Well, it's this one's actually going to be an 84 to inside okay, so the difference is actually is sitting on the 120s. It'S actually a 62 drive, it's got dual poles, and so when it, when it actually alternates back and forth, which gives me the tighter click, we're still having the strength of a 62 ratchet, oh yeah, because that one inside feels just a lot tonight. 

A little tighter, yeah yeah, these have a 5 degree swing arc. Those have a 3 degree swing guard, got it and that's kind of important. When you really try it, we, you know what we're obsessed with what we do. We want to get it right. Those little tiny improve absolutely and when your own cycle faces, so you really need those little real tight clips. So there is a difference between this model. The one that we looked at otherwise correctness is like absolutely. This is a steam cleaner right and it's the Optima steam cleaner, [, Music, ], [ Laughter ] make something real nice for you here. This is honey. Now, there's no more honey. I don't know what this next one is or why you would even need it, but it looked cool. You guys tell me down below what you think about whatever the heck. This thing is: okay, so we're looking at the gearwrench heavy-duty tool box. It'S got a couple of unique features: one it's got customizable foam. So if you want to have your tools in any safe way, shape or form inside of here, you can just simply send it in, and these guys will custom laser cut it and send it back to you in four days. But here's something else. That'S kind of cool about this. If you backup each drawer has 380 pounds of tip way, meaning that if I hold the drawer all the way out and then I stand on it, it's fine, but the whole tool chest won't tip over on you right now. I'M putting all my weight on this drawer and the whole tool chest isn't even budging, no matter what I do and then it's got nice roller, bearings or smooth opening and closing, even after you've been jumping up and down on it. Oh spike and skid steer tire. Okay, do it again do it again, so this is permanent tiger seal. Tell me about it. Is he doing so? What we got here is we've got a 5/8 inch metal spike skid steer tire. I'M gon na put a huge hole in his tire and you're gon na watch. It fix itself [ Music ]. What will that work on anything? Better passenger car, light, duty, truck or SUV perfect for trailers? Rvs heavy equipment tractors, you name it the difference in our product. In most other products that contained adhesives are we use the escaping air, which is the force of the air entering the wound and that forces the fibers and the fillers into the wound, and it creates a permanent fiber plug think about. If you had a puncture in your tire - and you were gon na, do the rope plug right, a fixed somewhere out on the trail or out on the jobsite, imagine that this product is actually free, loaded work, rope plugs because that's effectively what it is. This is last year's tire right there. This is the tire from last year, Sigma Wow every one of those, the puncture with that metal spike. I showed you so those are all huge punctures, because there's no adhesives in the product, it stays liquid. So you don't have the balance issues and it never stops working tires that rot off the vehicles. You can literally reuse the product inside, so you can pull the product out of one tire and put it in another tire. That'S secret! Don'T tell anybody the visa business right now, I'm sending this to we're trapped of 10 years 10 years yeah. We have data for at least 10 years, so the owner is a chemical engineers correct and we have a full-time PhD chemist on staff and that's how you develop so we keep it going all right guys. We got more gear tools and equipment for the auto enthusiasts and for anybody actually that likes tools, gear and equipment coming down the pipeline and remember guys this is all big. Thank YOU to gearwrench, because without their cooperation and help with this thing, none of these SEMA videos would be possible. So I want to say thank you to gear wrench, I'm going to put a link to these guys down below, and you guys tell me what do you love? Do you like videos like this, because if you do, I'm gon na make it a point to try to make more of these trying to look for new tools and innovations and equipment and bring it to you guys? God bless you guys, go get them. [! Music! ] 

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