How do you start a career in automotive engineering?

With the engineering came from, I used to expect across as a teenager, so that was sort of my enthusiasm to get into engineering. You know steel weights were coming by. I had a had a project car. I had an old Volkswagen Golf, so you know it was those kind of skills. I was learning back visit back to the teenager. I made choices available for different subjects, so I'm having to go in slightly and spidery. I'Ve got support from the academic staff. Helping me to follow my dream, even though I'm not quite on the right degree, it is an exciting environment. I think we've got a duty to convey that message to the user, so they can see what it's all about. You know - and it's not just in my if you go to places like Jaguar Land Rover, not Toyota, the other, very clean, modern factories, lots of exciting things going on, but to get engineers. You know it's just successfully be employed in those companies yeah. They have to have the right skills, and that starts right at the very formative ages. For me, I thought often go-kart racing when I was a teenager, so be able to take on the engineering and the maths in my physics at school and actually developed that into a vocational subject. That'S why I chose engineering. The former student competition was actually a really big influence for me and I was looking to do engineering anyway, because I'd studied it at GCSE level and I was originally interested in the automotive course. I since changed my degree to a mechanical engineering degree. To give me a bit more of a broad understanding of engineering - and I didn't understand exactly where I wanted to work five years ago. So I'm definitely Dora gret changing because the a mensch cause has been fantastic in Samael and for what I say is quite few say they and it's a really good learning curve for all of us. Some of the team, you know, had no hands-on experience. So for them you know designing a building. The car is fantastic. Well, Williams have a fun place in my heart because that's where I spent a year getting trained up and I can directly see how the lessons I learned from the sort of senior managers there has translated into stuff, I can do with the formula student car. I actually start with Bentley Motors in a month's time, so I'm more going the automotive REM kind of route than the than the motorsport Formula One. When I'm going to be replacing the piece, a DS, high performance powertrains in September and so much of doing a procurement role which allows me to get the technical side and work alongside engineers, but then use the management skills that I've got from my degree. So yeah. I'M looking to work at Bentley next year, I've already secured a job there, so that's gon na be really interesting to get there and see how everything works. [, Music, ], you

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