Automotive Memory Saver

This video by Richmond today we're working on problems that happen when you remove your automotive battery. Now, when you do that, what happens? Is you lose the memory in your radio, the memory in your computer and if you get a Cadillac you, you lose the memory of the the seats where the seats position themselves. There'S a lot of different things that removing the battery can delete the memory of so today we're going to show you a solution for that now there are lots of tools out there that you can use to cure this problem. All you've seen the ones where you are, the nine volt battery plugs into a cigarette adapter, and you plug it in, and you can use that when we're going to make our own out of a old cigarette adapter and a transformer, they can go from nine or Twelve volts this would happen to be a naive old one and then we're going to need some diodes. I'Ve got some diodes left over from the horn conversion kit that I did. This is all electronics pot, number gi8, five one, let's say a 300 volt diode and those are all the pots we need now. The first thing we're going to do is take this transformer here and we don't need this end on there and we'll just cut that off now. How do you transform you'll see on the wire there's two wires and one of them has a slit in it as a color on it to me, that is the positive wire. You know this one. We have the same thing. We have a colored wire, that's the positive wire, so those wires are going to match up color for color. Now, we've taken the insulation off of the end of the cigarette adapter here, and this is the wire on the transformer and you can see that we staggered it a little bit and now we're going to twist in our diode. Now remember, the diode goes into the positive wire that would be the wire with the coating on it. This particular case there's a white coating now on the diode. There is a band. Now we need the band facing the current flow, so that would be towards the cigarette adapter, so we just need to twist it on the end of a diode here, we're going to end up doing is we're going to solder these together. Of course, there we go now we're going to start those right now it will sort of that wire go yeah, yeah we'll do the other one. Alright. Now we can solder our other wire this one's a little dirty there we go. Okay, there's our! Why is all taped up and we made sure that the diode didn't hit the ground connection there? I take that one first and then real tape all over the diode. So, let's give it a shot now before you do this, make sure that you know if your outlet is live or not. Some imports, I believe, are only on when the key is run so you'd have to have the key on to do that. This one right here is hot all the time so we'll take the cigarette lighter out and we'll plug in our transformer and just to be on the safe side. What we're going to do is we're going to test it with the meter see if we're good to go here, all right. We got voltage so, let's plug it in all right now, I'm going to disconnect the battery I'm going to just disconnect the negative side of the battery okay battery's off now we're going to put the battery back on okay, it's just a simulation! If you are changing the battery, of course, to be more time, but that wouldn't matter now that should have kept the juice in the the radio settings and everything should be okay, let's turn the key to accessory. Now, if it didn't work, the radio will be all staticky, because we won't have any channels in there, but it should be okay, look at that. It works it saved that memory and that one was only a nine volt transformer on that. It'S saved uh save that memory now just to be on the safe side. What we're going to do is a computer scan and see if our I am monitors are still intact there. They are all the IM. Monitors are intact if they weren't they'd, be grayed out on the scan tool and which would mean that we would have lost our memory in the computer, so we're all set, and that's all there is to making an automotive memory. Saver.

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