Automotive Industry Jobs on the Rise

Hi, I'm Lauren fix the car coach if you're looking for a new job or a career path, change consider the automotive technology field. There is plenty of jobs, not just as a technician, but in sales service and parts. Parents and students should take a second look at automotive repair, a high-tech career that is always in demand and can't be outsourced to overseas parents if becoming an automotive technician is not high on your list of career choices for your child. Perhaps it's time to look again. You may consider the automotive industry for yourself as well. The auto industry is continuing to grow at a very high pace and with more units in operation. That means that we're going to have more customers that are going to be coming through our service department, given the advance of Technology and a richly varied industry that offers an array of positions and career paths. The future is bright for talented young persons with math science, communications and technical skills, and, unlike many high-tech careers that require four six or eight years of college automotive technology careers can begin in just two years of education. As for any career, lifelong learning and continuing education is necessary, but the simple fact is: students in automotive technology can get out in the real world sooner with less college debt. Moreover, job growth looks strong in the foreseeable future. The US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts, automotive, repair and maintenance industry is expected to add 237 500 new jobs and have a 30 percent growth rate through 2020. Qualifications are a great frame of mind like to work with people because we're in a people, business, and I think that if they have the willingness to learn, we will give them the tools and teach them the road to becoming salesperson technician. And whatever else we have in the business, so if your child prefers to get out of the real world and make his or her mark consider a career in automotive technology, more than three hundred and sixty thousand professionals hold current ASE certifications for more information. Go to our website at YNN comm, I'm Lauren fix the car coach

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